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Italy’s TIM Group tests two Open RANs and 25 Gbps fibre to Turin homes 15 September 2021
KPN opts for Oracle to optimise operations 14 October 2021
Telecom Italia replaces Open RAN suppliers for lack of 2G skills 26 October 2021
Hispasat buys capacity on Eutelsat Konnect for telcos in Spain and Portugal 28 October 2021
Telecom Italia could trade control of FiberCop for Open Fiber merger 04 November 2021
Big five want Open RAN to be industrial priority in Europe 18 November 2021
TIM’s board met Sunday to discuss ‘friendly’ takeover offer by KKR 22 November 2021
Update: Telecom Italia CEO Gubitosi quits in face of possible KKR take over 26 November 2021
FiberCop signs co-investment deal with AfinnaOne 30 November 2021
Is Reliant’s Ambani eying up BT too? 30 November 2021
TIM threatened with strikes, BT publishes manifesto, Spain protects Telefonica 02 December 2021
More top execs exit TIM as KKR bid under scrutiny 08 December 2021
Vivendi allegedly plotting another TIM boardroom battle 16 December 2021
Gubitosi steps down from TIM Group – new board to review KKR bid 20 December 2021
Telecom Italia ponders asset sale as KKR asks to see its workings 05 January 2022
Italian government battles to save key Telecom Italia assets from loss in KKR takeover 13 January 2022
Windtre appoints Nokia to boost its backbone with photonic fibre – speed of light response times will please punters 13 January 2022
Telecom Italia shares tank as KKR takeover stalls 20 January 2022
TIM appoints Pietro Labriola as its new CEO 21 January 2022
Vodafone and Iliad in talks to combine Italian units? 24 January 2022