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Open Fiber

Open Fiber and Fastweb sign reciprocal wholesale network agreement 03 May 2019
Ailing TIM to explore acquiring Open Fiber after months of wrangling 24 June 2019
TIM makes progress as turbulence stops at the top 02 August 2019
Optima moves into rural areas using Open Fiber’s subsidised network 01 September 2019
TIM and Open Fiber trade blows over roll-out speed and competition 09 December 2019
TIM CTIO: Giving customers easy access to new network and IT capabilities 16 December 2019
CEO of WINDTRE speaks out against the vertically integrated operator 28 April 2020
Orange Business Services signs deal with Open Fiber in Italy 16 June 2020
Italy’s government mulls taking bigger stake in shrinking TIM 24 June 2020
TIM makes some progress on deals, reports H1 figures 05 August 2020
Another twist in Italy’s national broadband tale 27 August 2020
TIM, KKR and Fastweb finally agree to create Fibercop access co 01 September 2020
Open Fiber partners with Nokia for FTTH expansion 15 September 2020
EC waves through FiberCop deal in Italy as "not a concentration" 27 November 2020
TIM advances on the fixed front 26 February 2021
The long, tangled saga of Italy's fibre infra continues 05 August 2021
Telecom Italia could trade control of FiberCop for Open Fiber merger 04 November 2021
TIM’s board met Sunday to discuss ‘friendly’ takeover offer by KKR 22 November 2021
Italian government battles to save key Telecom Italia assets from loss in KKR takeover 13 January 2022
TIM appoints Pietro Labriola as its new CEO 21 January 2022