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Huawei’s revenues rise in defiance of US ban, company signals automotive ambitions 22 April 2019
Huawei banned from UK’s core 5G networks, allowed in less sensitive segments 24 April 2019
KPN insists on Western supplier for core in 5G multi-vendor network 29 April 2019
Vodafone denies historic Huawei “vulnerabilities” posed Italy security threat 01 May 2019
Orange pilots AI on DWDM network 09 May 2019
Huawei tech ban in US looks likely as trade war escalates 15 May 2019
US’ action against Huawei is not an automatic trump card in Europe 20 May 2019
France pushes for 5G 2020 launch, despite Huawei challenges 23 May 2019
Huawei proposes ‘deterministic networking’ for 5G 24 May 2019
“This is not normal”: Huawei files motion to overturn US ban 30 May 2019
Huawei pulls its horns in as US bans bite 04 June 2019
Google lobbies Trump Adminstration against blocking Huawei's access to Android 07 June 2019
Will the Huawei fallout fracture the global telecoms industry? 10 June 2019
Huawei wins award for best 5G core network technology 14 June 2019
Huawei phone sales drop 40% in a month, but its tech still wins international acclaim 19 June 2019
G20: Trump reverses US Huawei block 01 July 2019
Trump Administration plays cat and mouse with Huawei 08 July 2019
Monaco becomes fully 5G-connected based on Huawei kit 11 July 2019
ZTE opens Cybersecurity Lab in Brussels, new 5G row erupts on Jersey 11 July 2019
Cisco strives to reduce hardware dependency with Acacia acquisition 11 July 2019