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OpenRAN goes mainstream – and gets government backing 22 February 2021
Huawei still top network equipment vendor in bumper year for infra 10 March 2021
UK government to interfere with infrastructure decisions after Hexit? 14 April 2021
Romania moves to ban Chinese vendors’ kit from 5G networks 16 April 2021
Telefónica reaches 80% 5G coverage in Spain 21 April 2021
Is Telecom Italia keeping Huawei out of its 5G network? 30 April 2021
China state media says last chance for Sweden to reverse Huawei ban 12 May 2021
Sweden's Net4Mobility signs 5 year 5G contract with Nokia 19 May 2021
Netherlands’ government orders telcos to avoid certain vendors 25 May 2021
Global telecoms equipment spend up 15% in Q1 16 June 2021
Biden and FCC ban 5 Chinese vendors’ kit from US infra ‘forever’ 21 June 2021
Nokia finds new teeth with plug and play ReefShark, closes the gap on Ericsson 24 June 2021
UK government replaces body for Huawei replacement initiative 02 July 2021
BT claims fastest 5G roll-out, the long road to converged infrastruture winds on 15 July 2021
Openreach and Nokia test 10x faster fibre broadband 16 July 2021
Ericsson picks up the pieces from China with biggest ever deal, in US 19 July 2021
Telstra teams up with Aussie government in bid to keep China out of Pacific 20 July 2021
BES alleges Huawei used its system to spy on Pakistan government 13 August 2021
China races ahead as rest of world dithers over standalone 5G 26 August 2021
Open RAN's biggest threat will come from 3G rather than China analysts warn 02 September 2021