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GMSA wants meeting to assess impact of Huawei-free 5G 06 February 2019
European telcos launch data portability specification 25 February 2019
GSMA claims Commission risks throwing EU’s connected cars under a bus 14 March 2019
Poorly run spectrum auctions risk hampering 5G, warns GSMA 10 May 2019
Heavy weather: GSMA speaks out against 5G ‘misinformation’ 18 June 2019
GSMA and Linux Foundation partner for common NFV infrastructure framework 08 July 2019
GSMA accuses space industry of ‘protectionism’ 31 July 2019
Mobile operators to disclose their impact on climate 17 September 2019
Microsoft announces “moonshoot” target to be carbon negative by 2030 17 January 2020
Four telcos test inter-operator blockchain solution for roaming agreements 17 February 2020
TIP to collaborate with O-RAN Alliance, GSMA, OpenStack Foundation and others 26 February 2020
GSMA supports operators’ initiative to develop an interoperable edge platform 28 February 2020
Operators to invest €700bn in 5G by 2025 06 March 2020
Attacks on European telecom workers and masts must stop 19 May 2020
GSMA and O-RAN Alliance launch collaboration effort 29 May 2020
No jump in telco energy consumption, despite traffic surge 01 June 2020
DT Global Carrier and Orange IC cooperate on PoCs to improve IPX services 15 June 2020
Orange Wholesale France to offer eSIMs to MVNOs 06 July 2020
GSMA and ETNO – telecoms as the saviour of Europe 08 July 2020
CEO, Telefónica Global Roaming: blockchain’s telco potential – now is the time 03 August 2020