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Orange partners towerco ATC France to accelerate rural roll-out 19 December 2019
Restricting competition in 5G equipment could increase costs by up to 30% 13 January 2020
Iliad Group partners with Nokia to roll out 5G in France and Italy 18 February 2020
Bouygues Telecom and Cellnex form joint venture for fibre in France 27 February 2020
BT continues overseas divestment with negotiations to offload French assets 24 March 2020
Orange Money adds new remittance corridors in Africa 27 May 2020
Arcep reschedules French 5G spectrum auction for September 12 June 2020
Nokia to cut 1,233 jobs at French subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent International 22 June 2020
iliad invests in Instadrone with its Solid-19 solidarity fund 25 June 2020
France will not ban Huawei from networks says cyber boss – yet 07 July 2020
Orange’s board of directors hits back at regulator's “unfair and unfounded claims” 17 July 2020
Shrinking BT Global agrees sale of French assets to Computacenter 20 July 2020
Orange buys all available capacity on EUTELSAT KONNECT satellite 23 July 2020
How bright is Huawei’s future in France? 24 July 2020
Parts of the EU are dragging their feet on high-risk vendors 26 July 2020
France to invest €240m in broadband to aid Covid recovery 04 September 2020
France finally kicks off 5G spectrum auction 29 September 2020
5G spectrum auction: France started late, finished fast 02 October 2020
BT Global concludes sale of assets in LatAm and France 04 November 2020
Bouygues and IBM to collaborate on 5G use cases with companies 17 November 2020