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Orange taps Ericsson’s AI operations engine 29 November 2019
Ericsson connects continents using spectrum sharing on 5G live networks 02 December 2019
Mobile core network market revenue increased 14% year on year 03 December 2019
Telenor chooses Ericsson for 5G RAN 16 December 2019
Telia demos passenger ferry with ‘AI captain’ 16 December 2019
O2 tests the 5G water with augmented reality maintenance and mapping 20 December 2019
Ericsson launches automated eSIM solution: A threat to operators? 19 January 2020
Viettel plans to roll out 5G using self-developed kit 21 January 2020
Ericsson and Capgemini partner on private 5G, Telia signs up 29 January 2020
Vodafone Ziggo and Ericsson launch 5G hub in Eindhoven with 3.5GHz spectrum 31 January 2020
Orange opts for Nokia and Ericsson to deploy 5G RAN in mainland France 31 January 2020
Vodafone claims dynamic spectrum-sharing ‘world first’ 04 February 2020
Telekom Albania strikes Ericsson deal for network upgrade 06 February 2020
US moots “controlling stake” in Nokia and Ericsson to boost competition against Huawei 10 February 2020
Telcos join the HAPS Alliance to take Google’s Loon global 24 February 2020
Ericsson’s dynamic spectrum sharing goes commercial 27 February 2020
Deutsche Telekom claims ‘industry first’ to validate multi-vendor 5G slicing 28 February 2020
Nokia’s CEO to step down having lost a third of share price on his watch 02 March 2020
Ericsson outlines vision to ‘break the 5G energy curve’ 12 March 2020
Sweden's Teracom selects Ericsson for network modernisation 24 March 2020