Sat, Jan


Remote device testing for apps developers 14 September 2007
Anite launches new Mobile WiMAX Host Tester for developers and integrators 26 November 2008
Mobile operators join forces to attract app developers 15 February 2010
App developers shouldn’t get fixated with Apple, says comScore 18 February 2010
What do apps developers make of mobile operators? 25 February 2010
Distimo launches free app store analytics tool for mobile developers 31 March 2010
Vodafone opens JIL.org to developers 08 April 2010
fg microtec enables 'real' VoIP for BlackBerry application developers 20 April 2010
Skyhook and PlaceIQ to combine location databases for developers and advertisers 21 September 2011
Telit and Telefonica Digital target premium M2M services at smaller applications developers 29 February 2012
EricssonIPX aiming to attract NFC developers with TSM testing kit 08 May 2012
Rohde & Schwarz readies developers for LTE-A devices 02 August 2012
Google brings Chromecast to Europe, urges developers to launch apps 19 March 2014
Firefox guns for games developers with latest OS update 09 May 2014
Mozilla turns on Flame for developers 28 May 2014
Amazon opens new Fire smartphone to developers 19 June 2014
Amazon targets developers with new app services 11 July 2014
Nokia Networks, Intel launch innovation centre 04 September 2014
Taqua and Kineto become one to accelerate VoWIFI deployment 04 September 2014
Ericsson opens up Bowser in WebRTC push 03 October 2014