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Deutsche Telekom

A full-fibre cure for Europe? 01 October 2020
TIP shows Open RAN is rapdily gaining global momentum 07 October 2020
DT announces “pioneering” FTTH deal with Telefónica Deutschland 09 October 2020
Telefónica Deutschland reportedly considering €5 billion fibre expansion 12 October 2020
DT demos 4G at stratosphere edge as part of commercial network 19 October 2020
Vodafone Deutschland offers 12.6 million households gigabit access via cable 20 October 2020
NGMN Alliance to assess drivers and vision for 6G 21 October 2020
SKT and DT continue 5G collaboration with joint venture in Germany 10 November 2020
DT launches cloud-enabled LAN service for greater capability and flexibility 18 November 2020
Vodafone Deutschland outage affects up to 100,000 customers 24 November 2020
Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft sign new seven-year deal 14 December 2020
IoT survey: Uncertainty about operators’ role and new business models persists 17 December 2020
Deutsche Telekom reportedly looking to sell Dutch opco 11 January 2021
T-Labs launches global competition to find home network of the future 13 January 2021
DT gets in on German government's AI and quantum research 19 January 2021
Telefónica partners DT and Vodafone to cover Germany’s 4G grey-spots 20 January 2021
DT’s disaggregated broadband goes live – internet but not as we know it 20 January 2021
Cellnex, DT merge tower businesses in the Netherlands 21 January 2021
Big four put their shoulders to Open RAN wheel in Europe 21 January 2021
DT and Samsung triple capacity in 5G SA trial in Czech Republic 28 January 2021