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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom releases IoT unit into the wild 23 June 2020
Mavenir lab testing 5G SA on DT’s cloud infrastructure 26 June 2020
Changes for DT’s enterprise clients come into force 06 July 2020
DT builds test facility for quantum development consortium 08 July 2020
TIM reportedly intends to exclude Huawei from tendering for 5G 12 July 2020
Top European operators fix financial settlement using blockchain 13 July 2020
Big Four launch Go Ignite 5G innovation programme 23 July 2020
How bright is Huawei’s future in France? 24 July 2020
Parts of the EU are dragging their feet on high-risk vendors 26 July 2020
DT celebrates bringing 5G to half the German population 27 July 2020
CEO, Telefónica Global Roaming: blockchain’s telco potential – now is the time 03 August 2020
Telefonica finally hits the interim coverage target in Germany 11 August 2020
DT, Telefonica and Vodafone unhappy at new tender process for 5G spectrum 12 August 2020
DT results get Sprint boost for first time – Q2 adjusted profits down 3.8% 13 August 2020
DT joins the services bonanza spawned by the pandemic 18 August 2020
DT experiments with drones for medical logistics 19 August 2020
Deutsche Telekom launches MagentaGaming platform 26 August 2020
Deutsche Telekom launches SD-WAN service with Versa Networks 15 September 2020
DT’s NIMS platform takes voice to the cloud 16 September 2020
Oaktree reportedly investing £100m in UK fibre broadband 28 September 2020