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NEC to develop Rakuten’s 5G core 03 June 2020
Telefónica contributes processing power for COVID-19 research 04 June 2020
Ericsson looks to the long term in China; Huawei goes on UK charm offensive 08 June 2020
Man receives three-year jail sentence for mast fire 09 June 2020
Deutsche Telekom launches IoT system to monitor shop capacity 10 June 2020
Churn rates rebound as lockdown eases across Europe 11 June 2020
Telefónica Spain taps Google Cloud for 5G edge 12 June 2020
Arcep reschedules French 5G spectrum auction for September 12 June 2020
Orange Group resets top table, appoints CTIO to speed adoption of strategic plan 15 June 2020
Elisa calls on start-ups to innovate around sustainable development 18 June 2020
Telcos hold the key to the future smart home, says Accenture 19 June 2020
Back to the future: DT sets out its stall 22 June 2020
Vodafone UK’s CTO: How to run a national network from employees’ homes 24 June 2020
iliad invests in Instadrone with its Solid-19 solidarity fund 25 June 2020
Cloud IT infrastructure spending continued to grow in Q1 2020 29 June 2020
Vodafone: faster upgrade to UK infra will boost economy by £158 bn 30 June 2020
GSMA and ETNO – telecoms as the saviour of Europe 08 July 2020
CTO Spotlight: Jan Hruška, CTO, O2 Czech Republic 12 July 2020
STC slams on the brakes for second time over Vodafone Egypt 13 July 2020
Vodafone Business identifies the attributes of resilient firms 20 July 2020