Connected cars

GSMA claims Commission risks throwing EU’s connected cars under a bus 14 March 2019
Deutsche Telekom and partners conclude connected car MEC trials 25 March 2019
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O2's 5G network to power autonomous vehicle testing 15 April 2019
Huawei’s revenues rise in defiance of US ban, company signals automotive ambitions 22 April 2019
NEC and Rakuten to develop 5G radio for world’s first cloud-native network 06 June 2019
IDC predicts IoT spending will hit $1.1 trillion in 2023 14 June 2019
Members states reject European Commission's choice of Wi-Fi for connected cars 05 July 2019
Mobileye choses IoT from Orange Business Services to improve road safety 05 September 2019
Telefónica, DGT and SEAT deploy IoT for cycling safety 13 September 2019
Verizon trials NEC tech and AI to harvest new data from existing fibre network 08 October 2019
Outdoor surveillance cameras to be biggest IoT 5G sector until 2023 21 October 2019
AT&T and Nokia Launch IoT Innovation Studio in Germany 14 November 2019
Telefónica: IoT consumers up 66%, enterprise market matures 19 November 2019
Rakuten Mobile and NEC start production of Open RAN 5G kit 24 March 2020
Thales chooses Google Cloud to expand eSIM management 04 May 2020
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O2 and partners develop cybersecurity ‘blueprint’ for self-driving cars 29 May 2020
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