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Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson ups the ante on FTTH rollout in the UK 18 June 2019
BT's earnings dip in Q1, looks for government guarantees to invest in new fibre plan 05 August 2019
Huawei’s founder wants to build an "invincible iron army" to survive US sanctions 13 August 2019
Full-fibre broadband could boost UK economy by £60 billion, says Openreach 14 October 2019
CityFibre to consult industry on copper to fibre switch-over 16 October 2019
Reports say UK will allow Huawei kit in 5G infrastructure 30 October 2019
Labour Party pledges free UK broadband through BT nationalisation and tech tax 15 November 2019
UK may block Huawei to preserve Five Eyes international intelligence relationship 05 December 2019
UK's Prime Minister demands alternatives to Huawei from critics 15 January 2020
US senators propose $1bn for 5G R&D to boost Huawei competition 16 January 2020
Openreach to expand fibre to rural villages and market towns 28 January 2020
UK opts to allow Huawei into 5G networks – terms and conditions apply 28 January 2020
US moots “controlling stake” in Nokia and Ericsson to boost competition against Huawei 10 February 2020
UK government blocks bid to oust Huawei from 5G networks 11 March 2020
UK Government does U-turn on Huawei 26 May 2020
Huawei: just when it looks like things can’t get bleaker 01 July 2020
UK operators kick against proposed regulation and policy 03 August 2020
Huawei hopes for a sea change in the UK, sells Honor smartphone co 17 November 2020
New telecoms security law includes hefty fines for non-compliant operators 24 November 2020
UK government replaces body for Huawei replacement initiative 02 July 2021