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Cisco joins US tech companies calling for GDPR-like privacy rules 04 February 2019
Qualcomm and Apple drop litigation to further 5G ambitions 18 April 2019
Global study shows how smartphones’ mobile network capabilities vary 07 August 2019
Mobile operators rated above Spotify, eBay and Uber as digital brands 09 September 2019
‘Pale, male and stale’ bias in AI will be countered by 2021 03 October 2019
Germany says it won't ban Huawei from 5G infra as vendor’s profits rise 17 October 2019
Gartner flags weak global demand for smartphones in Q3, but Huawei hits double-digit growth 26 November 2019
Amazon, Apple, Google and Zigbee Alliance form smart home working group 19 December 2019
Amazon rejoins the trillion-dollar club, propelled by AWS 02 February 2020
Nokia claims ‘next-gen’ network operating system is a game changer 10 July 2020
EU Competition authority gets another slapping down, over Apple 15 July 2020
70% of Q2 smartphones shipped in the US were made in China 12 August 2020
Telcos support EU’s attempt to create fairer digital markets 07 September 2020
Three trillion-dollar big tech cos collectively report $57bn profits for Q2 29 July 2021
Vodafone UK's plea for funds to fight climate change gets mixed reception 14 September 2021
Vodafone appeals to Apple and other phone makers to join Eco Rating scheme 03 November 2021
Apple first to top $3 trillion market cap, boosted by AI 05 January 2022
Why are operators being so slow to embrace eSIM? 12 January 2022
Brand Finance names TikTok as world’s fastest-growing brand 26 January 2022
Will Christel Heydemann be announced as Orange's CEO on Friday? 26 January 2022