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Glowing grips and Light Messaging highlight camera phone

With a burst of rhythmic, flashing lights, the Nokia 3220 camera phone, signaled its arrival - and an innovative way to communicate with friends in a crowd. Unveiled today at Nokia Totally Board in Thessaloniki, Greece, the Nokia 3220 is highlighted by transparent Nokia Xpress-On(TM) grips, which pulsate with light effects to indicate calls, messages, and in sync with the beat of ringtones. Self-styled cut-out covers and mobile themes, including ringtones, wallpapers, color schemes and light sequences, make personalization simple and fun.  Best of all, the Nokia 3220 comes with a "lite" sales tag with an unsubsidized retail price estimated to start around 250 EUR.

From the company that pioneered text messaging, picture messaging and multimedia messaging, comes new innovation - Light Messaging. By waving the Nokia 3220 from side to side, the LED lights of the Nokia Xpress-on(TM) Fun Shell light up to "write" a message that appears to float in mid-air. Exchanging messages aross a crowded room or at open-air concerts will never be the same.

How's your tribe? Someone need voting off? The Nokia 3220 puts your "survivor" skills to the test with the first mobile game of the popular television series Survivor. Control characters. Create alliances. Vote off rivals. Compete against others to be the last one standing! Compelling mobile games, applications and services, including Survivor, can be purchased at www.nokia.com/shop.

For a different twist, use your Nokia 3220 as a joystick in the
motion games that complement the Nokia Xpress-on(TM)Fun Shell. Literally jump into the action by tilting the phone to move characters through a series of challenges and tests. Two motion games are included: SwampRacer, a high-octane airboat racing game, and AirExpress, where you fly freely around an exotic archipelago world.

What's the point in experiencing real-life adventures when you can't share them? With a built-in VGA camera you can send pics and videos using multimedia messaging service (MMS)**.  Photos and short videos are easily stored on the Nokia 3220 phone so you can carry those summer memories with you all year.

The Nokia 3220 is a tri-band camera phone that will be available in two versions: a GSM 900/1800/1900 primarily for the European and Asian markets, and a GSM 850/1800/1900 primarily for the Americas.Shipments are expected to start in summer 2004.

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T-Mobile UK & T-Mobile Deutschland see progress with Europe's first cross-border interoperable M-payment system

Encorus Technologies, a leading mobile payments software and services company, and T-Mobile, one of the world's leading mobile network operators, today announced significant developments in Europe's first cross-border interoperable m-payments system.  Initially serving Germany and the UK, the system is based on a complete end-to-end solution provided by Encorus, which is majority owned by First Data Corp.

T-Mobile's "Mobile Wallet" is available to T-Mobile customers on t-zones (T-Mobile's mobile multi media services) - enabling them to make simple and secure payments for goods and services from their mobile devices using existing credit or debit cards. The t-zones portfolio of infotainment offers already include a wide range of news, games, sport, music, finance and chat services.

"Today, m-payment services represent a major opportunity for innovative mobile operators," said Dr. Klaus Tebbe, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Wholesale, T-Mobile International. "Encorus delivered a comprehensive m-payments service, enabling us to focus on our core network and services while Encorus handled processing and merchant recruitment, which drastically reduced our time to market."

Uniquely, Encorus has provided T-Mobile with wallet software, transaction processing and merchant acquiring services.  Merchants participating in the t-zones service include Allsports, Aral, ebookers, Germanwings, getgo, OTTO, Orion, TELTIX, and WHSmith to name just a few. 

"T-Mobile is a leading global mobile operator and it is only fitting that it should be the first to successfully implement a cross-border payment system in Europe," said Caroline Watteeuw, COO, Encorus Technologies. "With this complete solution, Encorus confirms its leadership position in the m-payments space as the only company offering mobile operators merchant acquiring services, processing and mobile payment software."

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15 customers and counting

SurfKitchen has secured its 15th customer, the latest in a
string of recent customer launches that includes O2 UK, O2 Germany, TIM in Greece and SONOFON (Denmark).

SurfKitchen's software, SurfKit Mobile, is the only mobile desktop solution operational anywhere in the world that provides client-server functionality across all major mobile operating platforms and allows the operator to control and update the application over the air. SurfKit Mobile is available
in three editions, Operator, Enterprise and Media, and it helps to deliver a PC-like experience on a mobile phone, giving users simpler and quicker access to premium services. The company will soon be announcing customers for its Enterprise and Mobile editions.

SurfKit Mobile's value to operators is demonstrated by SONOFON, which has reported a rise in mobile data usage and revenues since deploying SurfKit Mobile to power its e-go mobile portal, with the number of MMS messages sent by its customers rising by 225 per cent.

Stefanos Melissopoulos, Senior Director of Value Added  Services & Roaming Services of TIM in Greece, said: "We see data services as the key revenue generator in the future - if they are of a high quality and easily accessed. It was therefore crucial that we implemented the best possible data services
solution to power our TIM Imagine mobile portal. Extensive testing has shown us that SurfKit Mobile is that solution."

Philip Letts, CEO of SurfKitchen, said: "SurfKit Mobile revolutionises the mobile data experience for users and it is this that has driven our rapid growth. We are now the world commercial leader in mobile desktop software, both in terms of revenues and number of customers. Over the next six months SurfKitchen is looking to push on from this strong position and expand outside of Europe and our traditional customer base by opening offices in Asia and the USA."

To date SurfKitchen has won every formal request for proposal (RFP) that it has been involved in and has successfully delivered all implementations of SurfKit Mobile on time. Critically for operators, SurfKit Mobile can be deployed in just a couple of months, enabling them to provide their data
services quickly and easily. SurfKit Mobile is the only mobile desktop software that combines the functionality to enable users to view online web pages offline, allow the graphical user interface (GUI) to be customised and that can be updated remotely over the air.

SurfKitchen has also signed a number of strategic partnerships to extend the range of services offered by SurfKit Mobile. Recent announcements include partnerships with Celltick, the leading provider of mobile interactive broadcast solutions, and Netsize, the leader in mobile business and entertainment solutions.

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Pointsec Mobile Technologies today released Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0, the latest version of its security package for mobile devices running Symbian OS. Now, enterprise users of Sony Ericsson P800/P900 smartphones can receive the same level of mobile data protection as Pointsec provides for other mobile platforms.

Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 offers extensive data protection solutions for the Symbian operating system. Files and folders are automatically encrypted in real time, with no user intervention required. Email and SMS data can also be encrypted and decrypted on the fly. The updated release comes with added support for central administration, Remote
Help, and Pointsec's user-friendly PicturePIN authentication.

"Pointsec's vision is to offer enterprise-class data protection
solutions, that are both easy to use and easy to manage, for all common mobile platforms. Many organisations would like to view their smartphone and PDA users as part of their network infrastructure and give them access to critical resources. However, in many cases there are relevant security and management issues that must be addressed before this can
become reality," said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile

"From a security perspective, you instinctively want to manage
smartphones and PDAs in much the same way laptops are managed. By using Pointsec throughout the mobile workforce, sensitive information can be protected, independent of platform choice."

Information stored on PDAs and smartphones is usually completely unprotected, or protected only through elementary access control. This weakness can become a serious issue if an unprotected device is lost or stolen. Once in place, Pointsec for Symbian OS automatically encrypts all files before they are stored, and decrypts them when opened by an authenticated user - a process that is automatic and fully transparent to the user and which does not noticeably affect performance.

The strong and fast 128-bit AES encryption applied by Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 provides protection for all kinds of information, including SMS and email messages, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files. Pointsec's solution also offers protection for information stored on removable memory cards.

In addition to encryption, Pointsec's patent-pending PicturePIN
technology replaces standard alphanumeric passwords with an
easy-to-remember picture-based access control mechanism. Pointsec's PicturePIN provides easy to use access control that prevents unauthorized users from accessing devices.

Key new features in Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 include support for central management using Pointsec profiles. Pointsec profiler enable IT and security management to create, change, and enforce the organization's security policies, so that they control all mobile users. Full Remote Help is now also available. Users who accidentally lock their devices can regain access by calling their helpdesk and completing the secure Remote Help challenge/response procedure.

Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 is available from Pointsec Mobile
Technologies. Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 supports Sony  Ericsson smartphones P800 and P900. More Symbian OS  devices will be supported later in 2004.

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Application for Series 60 platform based on Symbian OS extends reach of MobileMeeting

Polycom, the world's leading provider of Unified Collaborative Communications solutions, today announced the availability of Polycom's MobileMeetin wireless instant group calling application for the Symbian O, the industry-leading smartphone operating system.

The solution has been delivered as part of Symbian's Catalyst Program, a 'by invitation' program bringing new and innovative solutions to commercial reality. By ensuring support for Symbian OS, MobileMeeting will enable faster, more simplified group creation and call set-up from a wider choice of Symbian OS smartphones.

MobileMeeting is an innovative instant group calling application for mobile carriers that offers a fast and convenient way to connect and collaborate on mobile phones and devices, enabling people to work efficiently and effectively while on the go.

By pressing a few keys on a wireless phone or next-generation data device, users can instantly initiate group calls and quickly connect with others for voice collaboration.  For mobile operators, MobileMeeting provides a service that increases revenue, attracts high ARPU users, and reduces churn.

"Imagine having the ability to initiate conference calls on-the-fly with any number of participants through a few simple key presses - that's what MobileMeeting for Symbian OS brings to the market," said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of US operations, Symbian. "Innovative technologies and services, such as MobileMeeting for Symbian OS, stand to change fundamentally the way we think about communicating with entire groups, teams, and departments through the use of a Symbian OS-based mobile phone."

"The openness and flexibility of Symbian OS allows us to deliver MobileMeeting to any number of smartphones based on Symbian OS after their manufacture," said Bill Ernstrom, vice president and general manager of Polycoms Voyant division.  "We are excited that MobileMeeting is part of the Catalyst Programme to build on the great functionality of smartphones based on Symbian OS, making the smartphone a more ubiquitous and powerful communication tool."

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Enabling business users to run two way mobile messaging communications direct from their PC

Zinek, the leading developer of mobile messaging servers for mobile and broadband application services providers, announced today the availability of the latest enterprise communicate products - Mobile Manager (SMS Plug in to Microsoft's Outlook) and Mobile Buddylist PC client (SMS sending client). These new enterprise products connect directly to Zinek's robust Message Exchange server providing global messaging coverage and the ability to push and receive all forms of mobile data.

"SMS is fast becoming an integral part of business as it allows information to be sent instantaneously," states Zidane Nekmouche, CEO of Zinek. "The beauty of Zinek's two new enterprise SMS clients is that they combine established communication channels into an even more effective tool - both in terms of time, and ultimately, cost of enterprises".

"There is currently a significant, unfulfilled demand for SMS solutions in the enterprise market," say Paul Kinsella, VP Marketing at Zinek.  Many leading analysts have reported that SMS will become as mission critical to business as email, but until now companies have not had access to the kinds of tools needed to integrate SMS into their businesses.  Zinek has made SMS simple to use, secure to operate, cost effective to utilize and easy to integrate with existing technology. Through our partnership with many system integrators around the world, international businesses of all sizes can now make SMS a key part of their business communications environment".

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Dilithium Networks brings 3G videoconferencing to the laptop

Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions announced today the release of VT Phone which transforms any laptop PC equipped with a 3G data card into a 3G device. VT Phone, jointly developed by Dilithium Networks and Singapore-based LineFusion, dramatically increases the installed base for 3G services by enabling laptop users to make two-way video telephony calls to any 3G terminal.

VT Phone is a Microsoft Windows-based software application that incorporates Dilithium Networks' patent pending AnswerFast technology. This reduces call setup times by up to 70% to less than 3.5 seconds compared with the 6-10 seconds video telephony call set-up time typically required by existing 3G handsets. VT Phone provides a feature rich and fully customizable GUI that provides separate windows for incoming and outgoing videos, a dial pad and call status window.

Lee Ellison, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Marketing with Dilithium Networks, said, "Video calling is an important differentiator for 3G operators that need to rapidly expand uptake of such advanced services. By extending the use of 3G services to any laptop user, VT Phone greatly increases the potential number of subscribers capable of initiating and receiving video calls and can play an important part in driving incremental revenues"

VT Phone will be marketed to 3G mobile Operators and wireless data card suppliers. The application's look and feel may be customised to meet the branding needs of individual operators and vendors and also interfaces to contact management applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, etc.

VT Phone is being jointly developed by Dilithium Networks and Singapore-based LineFusion.  LineFusion is a developer of mobile solutions designed to harness new capabilities in mobile networks and devices to deliver rich content and innovative applications with excellent user experience.

VT Phone complies with the 3GPP 3G-324M and ITU-T H.324M standards which are the protocols of choice for offering conversational multimedia services such as video telephony, video conferencing, video mail and real-time streaming over 3G networks. VT Phone is fully compatible with new 3G UMTS cards which support 64 kbps circuit switched data.   

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Mobileoperators and enterprises seeking to deploy high accuracy location based services can now move more rapidly to market – and to revenue – with a new breakthrough feature of CPS’ Matrix high accuracy location technology.

Matrix Solo can be integrated into a single standalone device – such as a vehicle tracker, child locator or handset – which will then deliver high accuracy in any environment and at sub-$1 per subscriber cost levels.
The new Solo feature means that operators can launch services now with just a single device and build revenues almost immediately before migrating seamlessly to full Matrix deployments. 
It will also allow enterprises to launch their own branded safety and security services – offering considerably better and more widespread coverage and accuracy than currently available GSM location technologies. Solo can operate successfully in areas where there are low levels of mobile traffic – such as rural areas or at night.
Matrix Solo works by “self-location” as the device moves – sending batches of previous location measurements to a network server that then calculates the handset’s position as required.
CPS CEO Chris Wade said: “Matrix Solo kick starts high accuracy for operators and enterprises. It means “go to market” and “get to revenue” timescales are radically reduced and opens up new opportunities for companies who experience poor performance from Cell-ID systems.”
Matrix Solo fills the enormous void in the mobile location-based services market for a low cost high accuracy technology that can be deployed easily and rapidly. At present, companies launching services – such as personal safety, child-finding or low cost logistics – are using Cell-ID technology. Based on a handset’s position within a mobile network cell-site  – location accuracy is based on the size of the cell within which it is located, which can be anything from, at best, 400m in urban areas to over 10km in suburban or rural environments.
As a result, service providers and users have been disappointed with the wide variability of the accuracy of the location – resulting in poor service take-up. Satellite-based positioning remains the preserve of high cost solutions for the logistics industry and, by its very nature, struggles to perform to user expectations in built-up urban environments and indoors.
The new Solo feature is now being trialled as part of Matrix trials in several locations around the world. It is expected to become commercially available in Q3 2004.

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Reports mobile telecommunications turnover increase of 15% to £31.7 billion, but a loss, after goodwill amortisation of £15.2 billion, for the financial year of £9.0 billion.

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Clixsmart lies beneath Vodafone live! portal

ChangingWorlds, provider of the leading ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform for mobile operators, today announced the signing of a major contract with Swisscom Mobile, the number one mobile operator in Switzerland with a 65% market share and over 3.7 million subscribers. Swisscom Mobile has chosen ChangingWorlds' ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform, to deliver intelligent, personalized mobile information services to its Vodafone live! customers in Switzerland.

With the ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform, Swisscom Mobile will implement ChangingWorlds patented intelligent navigation system over Vodafone live! to make it easier for its customers to access the mobile content and services most relevant to them. ChangingWorlds' intelligent navigation helps users to locate content on a mobile portal more efficiently, by effectively restructuring the portal in response to their access patterns. Sites and services accessed regularly by a user are actively promoted to higher positions within the portal and, over time, the structure of the portal will adapt to the usage patterns of each individual user.

The ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform also delivers sophisticated colour portal management functionality to Swisscom Mobile. This enables Swisscom Mobile's portal editors to rapidly update and publish to the Vodafone live! mobile portal. With ClixSmart, Swisscom Mobile can now efficiently maintain its leading edge, feature rich Vodafone live! portal and benefit from a reduction in administration overhead and increased quality and productivity levels. The contract with Swisscom Mobile also includes the provision of ClixSmart Update Manager to provide the ability to automatically monitor and manage multiple portal updates.

Moreover, ClixSmart caters for Swisscom Mobile's multi-lingual requirements. Due to Switzerland's geographical location and cultural diversity, language varies from area to area. It is therefore vitally important that Swisscom Mobile's Vodafone live! caters for all local languages. ClixSmart delivers the Swisscom Mobile Vodafone live! portal in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. The ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform enables multi-lingual portals to be built and deployed rapidly, and (when used in conjunction with ClixSmart Navigator), allows operators to configure the personalization parameters of the portal and of individual menu items. All Switzerland's languages are supported and it is possible to switch between languages when creating menus, content pages and links.

Also speaking today, Luke Conroy, CEO of ChangingWorlds said, "This deployment of the ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform will enable Swisscom Mobile to grow data revenues from its customer base. While it is a strong requirement for mobile operators to aggregate content and brand it, it is essential that it be made readily available to the end-user in an intelligent, personalized and relevant manner. ClixSmart ultimately leads to a 'sticky' mobile portal that will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting in greater mobile data usage and revenues for the operator. We are delighted to work with the most progressive and innovative operator in Switzerland and to help Swisscom Mobile to continue to deliver innovative services to its customers."

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Webraska the power behind the phone

Orange, the UK’s most popular mobile phone service, is pleased to announce that its customers can now use SMS messages to locate businesses or services, with the launch of the Orange "Find Nearest" service, powered by Webraska Mobile Technologies.

Webraska, the pioneering provider of GPS wireless navigation applications and location-based services (LBS) solutions, has developed the 2 WAY SMS service to provide Orange customers with an easy-to-use text-based interface to the Orange "Find Nearest" Service.  This complements the existing WAP "Find Nearest" service, launched last year.

Accessing the service is simple; Orange subscribers just need to send a one-word request via SMS to the Orange short code 300 i.e. ‘PUB’.   Each search is priced at 20p.

“Although much of the hype surrounding the wireless data services has focused on WAP and Java applications, the potential of premium SMS-based services has often been under-estimated” said Jonathan Klinger, VP Marketing at Webraska.  “SMS-services are great for three main reasons: they're easy-to-use, the total available market is huge and people will pay for them". 

Darren Coleman, product manager data products, Orange UK commented “We’re pleased to be working with Webraska to deliver our Find Nearest service.   Webraska’s flexibility and technological superiority has been core to the success of this project.”

Powered by Webraska’s SmartZone Geospatial Platform the Orange Find Nearest service works by mapping a mobile phone’s location by cell ID technology.   Webraska’s software then cross-references this location against a comprehensive database of businesses and services.  The Find Nearest service returns the closest match to the search criteria entered.

Orange customers can also text ‘N’ for the next nearest search result, or text ‘L’ to receive a longer list of results.  For each search, the service returns the businesses name, address and telephone number. Customers can also get directions for the cost of an additional search.

The Orange "Find Nearest" service also offers the subscribers the ability to locate themselves if lost!  Upon texting ‘ME’ to 300, the service texts back the user’s location.

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Vodafone and Sony Music Entertainment today announced the world’s largest single mobile operator/music company content distribution agreement. The deal calls for music content from hundreds of Sony Music artists to be provided to Vodafone and its Partners’ customers around the world.

"Vodafone live! is making the mobile a personalised entertainment device that customers are using to access services such as music on the move," said Guy Laurence, Global Marketing Director at Vodafone Global Products and Content Services. 

"Vodafone has always offered its customers a rich catalogue of ringtones and music content, and this latest agreement with Sony Music Entertainment is key in establishing Vodafone as the home of mobile music content globally as we enter the enhanced multimedia world of Vodafone live! with 3G services."

Under the terms of the agreement, Sony Music Entertainment will initially* provide Vodafone with a wide range of content encompassing global and local artists, which will include real music ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, artist images, video streaming and short video downloads.  International Sony Music artists including AC/DC, Anastacia, Incubus, Nas, Sertab, Jessica Simpson and Train will have their content featured on Vodafone live!

"With the range and depth of its services, Vodafone is a key strategic partner for Sony Music Entertainment as we build on our leadership role in the mobile arena," commented Thomas Gewecke, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Sony Music Digital Services.  "Working closely with Vodafone, we’ll be able to extend the range of our artists and their music, which will enable them to enjoy even closer relationships with their fans around the world."

In addition to the global music content which will be distributed across multiple markets, the companies intend to feature a series of special National Artist Showcases that will include, among others; Delta Goodrem in Australia, Big Brovaz in the UK, and Paola & Chiara in Italy. The Artist Showcase concept - first introduced through Vodafone live! - has quickly become recognised as an effective and innovative way to link artists to audiences by providing fans with their favorite music 24/7, then maximising the experience with additional customised content relating to a specific artist.

*Sony Music Entertainment content will initially be available in 15 countries, with additional territories being introduced at a later date.

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ZAPP gets apped up

QUALCOMM Incorporated, pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, congratulates Zapp on its launch of downloadable wireless products and services based on QUALCOMMs BREW system.

The Zapp BREW-based Zapp Me service enables users to access enhanced wireless data applications and services  such as e-mail, games, ringtones, and other personal and business applications  and download them directly to their wireless device. As Romanias only fully integrated voice and high-speed data mobile communications operator, Zapp is the first CDMA450 operator to launch BREW-based services in Europe. The Zapp Me service is initially available on the color screen Zapp Series Z710i handset.

QUALCOMM is pleased to work with Zapp in bringing BREW-based services to Romania, said Johan Lodenius, senior vice president of European business relations and operations, QUALCOMM Internet Services. This launch demonstrates Zapps commitment to delivering its subscribers options beyond traditional voice features by introducing a diverse suite of compelling, feature-rich data service offerings.

Zapp is proud to be the first CDMA450 operator to introduce BREW-based services to the market, said Cuneyt Turktan, president of the board of directors, Zapp. Zapp subscribers will now benefit from an enhanced user experience that allows them to choose from a wide array of communication, customization, information and entertainment options. Zapp Me enables us to provide our clients with the necessary instruments to help them become more efficient and better informed. QUALCOMMs BREW solution positions Zapp as a technological leader and a cutting-edge mobile service provider.

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