Sigfox to fix Bosch Group's boiler problem in latest IoT play


French boiler manufacturer e.l.m. leblanc is using Sigfox's IoT technology to connect its products after claiming cellular connectivity was too costly.

Users will be able to remotely run their boilers, manage their energy consumption and handle maintenance. They are alerted when a failure occurs and potential failures are tracked by monitoring and analysing real-time data.

The partnership with Sigfox resurrects a shelved project from several years ago when the Bosch Group, e.l.m leblanc's parent company, attempted to remotely monitor its products.

The project was cancelled because it was too expensive to use cellular to track infrequent, low data transfers.

Stuart Lodge, Sigfox Executive Vice-President, Global Sales & Partners, said: “e.l.m. leblanc, one of the biggest boiler suppliers in France, provides a classic use case for demonstrating both the IoT’s potential to save water users time and money, and enable equipment providers and their service partners to open new business opportunities.

“The new offer also illustrates how Sigfox’s simple connectivity greatly improves the final user’s experience: as soon as the boiler is installed, it is instantly connected to the network without any setup or pairing and without requiring local Internet service.”

Frédéric Agar, e.l.m. leblanc’s President, added: “e.l.m. leblanc early on recognized the value for our professional customers, channel partners and for end users of equipping and installing smart boilers. Thanks to the Internet of Things and to Sigfox’s dedicated connectivity available nationwide in France, the technology has caught up with our vision. This partnership brings efficiency benefits to everyone involved, simply and affordably.”

Sigfox will start connecting at least 100,000 boilers from September this year.

Earlier this month, Sigfox debuted in Ireland and said it hoped to connect one million products across the country.