Nokia launches MIKA digital assistant to support telco engineers


Nokia has launched a digital assistant for telecoms operators to give engineers voice-activated access to information, alongside a new support service that can predict hardware problems.

Multi-purpose Intuitive Knowledge Assistant (MIKA) uses the vendor's AVA cognitive services platform to reduce time spent searching for information about network environments.

It uses the vendor's knowledge library, which pools best practice information from other networks to provide recommendations.

The service is available as both a web interface and a mobile agent.

Customer trials of the digital assistant are available, with the technology set to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to Nokia, the use of MIKA could save engineers over an hour per day.
Igor Leprince, Head of Global Services at Nokia, said: "Finding the right information is a daily challenge for telco engineers tasked with boosting network quality.

“MIKA is customised to support the specific needs of telecoms, and can deliver recommendations based on experience from networks around the world."
Alongside MIKA, Nokia launched Predictive Repair, which it said helps operators to predict hardware failures and recommend replacements up to 14 days before the equipment breaks.

Predictive Repair combines network, repair centre and factory data and analyses it using Nokia Bell Labs algorithms to anticipate where repairs will be necessary. Noka said that the service offers 95 percent accuracy.

Predictive Repair will be available to operators for trials for customers using 3G and 4G equipment in March 2017.