Nokia assures SDN, provides “missing link” to mass-deployment


Nokia has added assurance capabilities, introducing analytics and performance indicators, to its software-defined networking (SDN) offering.

The vendor said the measure provides network operators with improved control of their IP and optical networks, and ensures better network and service performance.

They can now use analytics and metrics as part of its Network Services Platform (NSP) to trigger changes at the SDN control layer without need for manual intervention. This way, they get rapid visibility of problems in their SDN networks, and can guide automated corrective measures in response.

They can also drive SDN control policies to redirect paths, traffic and bandwidth at any layer, and across both physical and virtual domains, it said.

As increasing numbers of SDN projects go from trial to deployment, it said such assurance tools are critical. “Assurance provides the missing link operators need to start large-scale commercial SDN deployment, spurred by the growth of cloud, video and Internet of Things (IoT),” it said in a statement.

Sasa Nijemcevic, General Manager of the network and service management business at Nokia, commented: “We are not only addressing the need for assurance, but also providing additional value by leveraging our investment in policy-based SDN control to automate assurance processes. As a result, operators will maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction while optimising their network assets to move confidently into the next era of carrier SDN.”

Dana Cooperson, Research Director at Analysys Mason, added: “Service assurance is a critical requirement for successful SDN-based automation and optimisation in the WAN. Without adequate assurance capabilities, uptake of carrier SDN has been slow, particularly for complex multi-domain, multi-vendor networking applications. CSPs are recognising the need for integrated assurance and asking vendors for solutions."

Nokia came second in a recent report by IHS Markit that ranked the top SDN and NFV vendors.

The same research house said last month that momentum for SDN is ramping up, with three quarters of operators deploying or planning to deploy the technology this year.