Ericsson launches IoT app catalogue for operators


Ericsson is introducing a new platform to help service providers expand their business offerings with IoT-based apps.

The IoT Accelerator Marketplace provides developers with APIs that apply consistently across different cellular networks, allowing them to create apps for multiple worldwide environments.

Operators can then access them through a cloud-based catalogue to offer the apps to enterprise customers.

Ericsson aims to attract developers focused on smart cities, transport and logistics and advanced industries.

The platform will also offer auxiliary capabilities, such as billing, as well as network data.

The initiative is now open for early registration by service providers and developers and will be demonstrated at MWC 2018 next week. However, the vendor did not say when it would formally launch.

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Jeff Travers, Head of IoT, Ericsson, said: “The launch of IoT Accelerator Marketplace will unlock the potential for different players in the value chain to deliver value.

“It is another stepping stone to make 5G a reality by enabling massive adoption of massive IoT. This supports service providers as they seek to expose network connectivity IoT APIs and monetise these assets.”

Carrie MacGillivray, Group Vice President, Internet of Things & Mobility at analyst firm IDC, said: “Communications service providers are racing to scale and differentiate in the fast moving IoT market. It’s necessary for these service providers to have a robust developer ecosystem that helps them compete.

“For developers working across multiple service provider networks and platforms, the challenges of fragmentation are addressed by utilising APIs that apply globally and are consistent across all mobile networks.”