Elisa installs 5G-ready network in Tampere


Elisa has installed what it is calling a “5G ready” network in the Finnish town of Tampere.

The network provides download speeds of up to 1GBps in the city’s centre. It was deployed via a replacement of existing base station hardware, although the operator did not give details on the exact technology used.

Elisa said it would provide a foundation for developing new digital services in the city and create new business opportunities for companies.

The network is part of the Smart Tampere project, which aims to research, test and deploy mobile and fixed connectivity in the city.

Fellow Finnish telco Nokia is also part of the project.

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Sami Komulainen, Elisa’s VP for Network Services, said: "The new mobile network will immediately benefit people and companies in Tampere and its surroundings.

“The fast network enhances, for instance, the use of digital services, such as sharing different kinds of content and large files, as well as watching videos and videoconferencing. In addition, the network includes functionalities required for the Internet of Things, which enables developing new kinds of services for people living in the area.”

Tero Blomqvist, Smart Tampere Programme Director, said:  “[The network] supports the development of the business sector in the area. As part of the Smart Tampere vitality programme, our objective is to develop new business opportunities, as well as better digital services for companies and people living in the area.

“Examples include nursing services at home, services related to guiding and traffic, as well as services linked to improving energy efficiency.”