Bouygues Telecom teams up with Phoenix Tower International


The two announced an agreement to develop about 4,000 new wireless towers over 12 years outside densely populated areas of France.

The sites will be owned and operated by a joint venture, controlled Phoenix Tower International (PTI), which is backed by Blackstone.

The deal will expand PTI’s footprint in France considerably, while helping Bouygues Telecom to meet its coverage obligations outlined in the so-called ‘New Deal’, which was agreed between France’s mobile operators and the government in 2018.

Dagan Kasavana, CEO of PTI, commented: ‘We are quite enthusiastic to partner with Bouygues Telecom on such an important and exciting project.

We believe the French market is well positioned for significant wireless growth throughout the country as further 4G and 5G deployments are made over the coming years and we are proud of our participation in these deployments.”