JT launches smart car-tracking M2M device


JT and Progressive Platform have unveiled a smart tracking M2M device that combines GPS tracking, “black box”-style data recording about acceleration and cornering and a SIM card to communicate through the mobile phone network.

The Channel Islands operator aims to provide the device as part of a managed service to the motor insurance market.

According to JT, the technology could also be used to notify parents if their children violate speed limits or traffic rules and could be used in court to resolve accident disputes. In addition, it can send diagnostic reports when vehicle parts need servicing or replacing.

The operator said the technology could “change the way British drivers pay for insurance” by offering discounts to those who exhibit low or no risky behaviour. It could also lead to insurance being charged on a by-the-mile or by-the-hour basis, JT said.

Further, the technology could be used to send messages to parents if their child breaks a speed limit, be used in court to resolve disputes about how an accident happened, or send diagnostic reports when engine parts need servicing or replacing.

Mark Fensome, MD of Progressive Platforms commented: “M2M technology, big data and ‘the internet of things’ form an increasing part of our everyday lives, and this partnership and new offering show just how worthwhile efforts towards innovation can be – in this case we hope through saving the public money and improving safety.”

Paul Bullock, Head of M2M at JT, added: “I hope our black box technology will improve road safety, not just traffic management. Collective data will also be of enormous use for car manufacturers in terms of monitoring car performance and highlighting issues that can be quickly shared with owners.”

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