Neul launches Weightless M2M network solution

Neul has unveiled a new M2M network solution, based on the Weightless standard, that is designed to make use of white space spectrum.
The Weightless standard relies on white space frequencies that take unused fragments of radio spectrum and harnesses them to connect smart meters, structural-integrity sensors and other devices without needing dedicated spectrum. 
The standard, which was was first announced in 2011, was developed by the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG).
UK-based Neul said its NeulNET solution provides two-way, managed communication with QoS for M2M devices.
It is designed to operate in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and works across a variety of frequencies from global unlicensed metering bands (169 MHz or lower) up to and including sub-GHz cellular bands.
It has been designed specifically for the Internet of Things, Neul said, providing coverage, battery life, module cost and simplicity of operation which “far out-reaches” today’s GPRS, 3G, CDMA and LTE WAN solutions.
The solution uses a NeulNET Connected Device Platform (CDP) – a cloud-based platform for device and service-level management, authentication and billing – for which operators will pay on a “per device, per month” basis.
Also included is the NN2510 base station, ready for up-to-5km transmission and NT1001 terminal modules that are based on Neul’s Iceni radio chip. 
According to Neul, two AA batteries will keep one of these modules going for 10-15 years, and the modules can “communicate from deep within buildings and underground”.
BT is currently conducting initial technical assessments of the system.
Mark Harrop, Director of Mobile Strategy and Wireless Cities Programme Lead at BT, said that the IoT market has “huge potential”, but existing short-range and cellular networking technologies are unable to meet its requirements.
“A networking technology that can provide deep indoor coverage, last for many years from a single battery, is simple to use, and comes at the right price point is essential for realising the true potential of the IoT,” said Harrop. 
“NeulNET promises to deliver on these requirements, and we’re excited to be trialing this over the coming months.”
Neul first deployed a live white space network two years ago.
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