Player X and Amobee team up on ad-funded games

Mobile Media Company Player X is working in partnership with Amobee Media Systems to launch in-game advertising for its portfolio of mobile games.


The first titles to launch under the ad-funded model include FremantleMedia's Sale of the Century, Strike it Lucky, Sensible Soccer Skillz, Space Invaders, Family Fortunes and ToCA Race Driver3.

Under the partnership, Player X has integrated Amobee's Handset Application Programming Interface (HAPI) into its games. The HAPI is a small SDK that can be integrated to make the games ‘Amobee-ready' and conditioned to take ads.

Consumers will be offered the chance to opt into the ad-funded games, receiving a discount on the purchase price in return for being served ad impressions at the game launch, exit, and during the idle time between game levels.

Subscribers have the option of engaging with the advertising brand for additional information by clicking to call, browse or send an SMS. Users are in full control and can opt not to view the ads and continue playing the game.

"Ad-funded content models have the potential to transform the mobile content business, giving the end user more for less while generating an additional revenue stream. We see this model and our partnership with Amobee as a crucial step toward building the development expertise and look forward to working with them," said Tony Pearce, Player X CEO.

The use of advertising to fund mobile services will significantly increase the consumption of mobile content and generate a new revenue stream for operators, according to live trial results released by Amobee Media Systems.

Aggregated data from multiple trials with tier one operators, shows that for every person that paid to download a mobile game, between five and 10 times more took the ‘ad-subsidized' version in return for accepting advertising. The ad-funded game value can be worth as much as four times the equivalent download value.

"Player X is taking the lead in innovating new models for mobile media. Operators can now launch ad-funded games with very little effort and generate ad revenues while increasing the overall penetration of mobile games," said Patrick Parodi, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager EMEA at Amobee.