Axel and Siano cut DVB-H channel switching time

Axel Technologies, a provider of multimedia middleware for mobile devices, and Siano Mobile Silicon, a supplier of semiconductor solutions for Mobile Digital TV (MDTV), have announced a platform for DVB-H terminals - with a 'record-fast' channel switching time of less than 2 seconds. The platform will be demonstrated in a mobile phone at the Informa DVB-H conference in London, September 26-27.


The companies feature a comprehensive, highly optimized DVB-H solution, compliant with the MBRAI 2.0 specifications, based on Siano's SMS1010 integrated mobile TV receiver chip, and Axel's Salmonstream DVB-H middleware. Among other features, the joint offering is claimed to obtain the industry's fastest channel switching time of 2 seconds.

The solution is targeting DVB-H enabled cellular phones, smartphones, laptops, PDAs, pocket TVs, PMPs and GPS systems.

DVB-H is already commercially deployed in Italy and is expected to be further deployed in additional countries within the next 9-12 months, including Germany, France, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, and more.

"The combination of Salmonstream, Axel's leading DVB-H middleware and the SMS1010, Siano's integrated receiver chip has enabled us to offer a fully optimized DVB-H solution, which achieves an unprecedented channel switching time," said Petri Kalske, CEO of Axel. "We are working very closely with Siano to provide our customers cutting edge technology, that will result with the most enjoyable and innovative user experience for DVB-H consumers."

"By integrating the fastest DVB-H receiver in the market with the most compact, efficient DVB-H middleware, we were able to obtain the industry's fastest channel switching time," said Alon Ironi, CEO, Siano Mobile Silicon. "At the same time, we have provided evidence that the commonly believed myth about DVB-H being slower than FLO is no longer relevant, and proved, that the two technologies are practically equivalent."

"Towards the major DVB-H launches expected in the first half of 2008, Siano and its partners are focused on perfecting the DVB-H offering so as to enable our customers to introduce devices that people love to use," added Ironi. "The idea of mobile TV is to take the experience of watching TV at the living room - out to the street, and onto the end user's palm. This means crystal-clear, multiple-channel, real-time audio and video experience packaged into an easy-to-use application - and this is exactly what Axel and Siano offer."