Alcatel and QUALCOMM initiate interoperability testing for HSDPA


3GSM World Congress
Alcatel has today announced that it is initiating interoperability tests between its Alcatel Evolium multi-standard mobile network infrastructure solution and QUALCOMM's HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access)-enabled MSM6275 chipset.

QUALCOMM's  Mobile  Station  Modem  (MSM) MSM6275 chipset for WCDMA with support for HSDPA, part of QUALCOMM's Enhanced Platform, delivers peak data rates  of up to 1.8 Mbps, allowing faster transmission of larger data files and  improved  file  transfer  capabilities  to  drive  commercial wireless multimedia,  enabling  advanced gaming, music distribution services and the faster streaming of multimedia files.

Alcatel's  Evolium-based  HSDPA  solution will provide mobile operators and mobile  users  alike with the maximum benefits of HSDPA, as Alcatel's HSDPA solution, on top of the QPSK modulation (up to 3.6 Mb/s) which is mandatory according  to  3GPP  specifications,  will  also deliver the optional 16QAM modulation  (up  to  14.4 Mb/s). When in commercial use, the actual average data  throughput  of  Alcatel's  HSDPA solution will reach from 2 to 3Mb/s, i.e.  from  five  to  eight  times  more  than the current 3G/UMTS 384 kb/s maximum throughput.

Based  on Evolium's natively multi-standard architecture, the deployment of Alcatel's  HSDPA  solution will require a simple software-only upgrade, all Alcatel's Node Bs already being fully HSDPA-ready. An additional benefit of Alcatel's  Node  Bs  is  that  they  are  perfectly suited to manage indoor traffic  and  solutions,  which  will  match the growing needs of corporate users  working  from  their  office for easier and faster access to e-mails with bulky attachments, corporate networks and intranets.

"Positioned  correctly,  HSDPA  will  further  improve  the  success of 3G, delivering  increased capability necessary to accommodate the market uptake of  high-speed  mobile  applications such as content downloads," said Jason Chapman, Principal Analyst, Mobile Infrastructure at Gartner.

"HSDPA  is  at  the  center  of Alcatel's user-centric broadband strategy," declared   Marc  Rouanne,  chief  operating  officer  of  Alcatel's  mobile activities.  "This  IOT  program  with  QUALCOMM  for  HSDPA reinforces the technological  leadership  of  Evolium multi-standard solutions that permit the cost-effective introduction of HSDPA thanks to a software-only upgrade. Our  collaboration with an innovative chipset manufacturer such as QUALCOMM will  definitely  allow  us  to  stand  at the forefront of the forthcoming 3G/HSDPA evolution."

Since  September  2004,  Alcatel  has been successfully showcasing an HSDPA solution  in  its  3G  Reality  Centre  (3GRC)  located in Vélizy (France), together with Fujitsu, its partner in the Evolium SAS joint venture.