Rapid Mobile


Rapid Mobile, an Edinburgh-based software specialist, is launching a new mobile application enabling punters to back and lay bets from their mobile phone or portable device.

The software, named mobex, has been created and developed by Rapid Mobile Media Limited, an Edinburgh-based software company specialising in java-based systems for mobile phones and mobile devices. Rapid Mobile is being licensed by the Betfair web-based betting exchange to develop applications using the Betfair API as part of the Betfair Developers Program http://bdp.betfair.com.  Any Betfair user can register, download and use the application. 

Mobex enables punters to see market information and transact wherever they are and they can even attend sporting events and still back or lay even 'in running'. Mobex works wherever there is a mobile signal.

Iain Maddox, managing director of Rapid Mobile Media Limited, comments: “Betting exchange punters need to be permanently in-touch with market movements and that means if they move away from a fixed internet connection, they risk losing out. Mobex, however, changes all that. It is simple to download and Betfair punters will find the interface very fast, familiar and user-friendly.”

He adds, “We spent 2004 developing and testing our core technology and we are very confident that punters will be delighted with the mobex product.”

Betfair has single-handedly revolutionised the global betting industry since its launch just over four years ago. It is already one of the UK’s most successful internet-based businesses, and is fast becoming one of the most recognised betting brands. It has 300,000 registered clients worldwide and Betfair matches up to 12,000 bets every minute."

The privately owned company pioneered the concept of ‘exchange betting’ - a form of betting that uses Internet technology to enable punters to bet at better value, because punters rather than the bookmaker set the odds.

Betfair will introduce mobex to their clients in January 2005 via their newsletter and the Betfair Developers Programme website which lists all its Licensed Software Vendors in its Solutions Directory http://bdp.betfair.com/apisolutions.php. An ‘Information only’ version of mobex will be free of charge and there will be a small monthly fee for the fully transactional version of mobex. See www.rapid-mobex.com for more information.