O2 Ireland selects Amdocs Partner Relationship Management (PRM)


The Amdocs PRM product will enable O2 Ireland to cost-efficiently capitalise on growing partner-based content opportunities, while ensuring enhanced partner and customer satisfaction

Amdocs, the world's leading provider of billing and CRM products and services for true integrated customer management, today announced that O2 Ireland, a leading mobile provider and market innovator, and a wholly owned subsidiary of mmO2, has chosen the Amdocs Partner Relationship Management (PRM) product for superior partner billing and revenue settlement capabilities. Amdocs PRM will enable O2 Ireland to support multiple partnerships with increased operational efficiency. It will also allow O2 Ireland to promote new revenue streams from innovative partner-based content offerings and realise profitable growth. This project follows previous successful Amdocs implementations at O2 Ireland for convergent GSM and GPRS billing.

"We required a proven and scalable solution that would enable us to achieve maximum benefit from our growing content business and ensure we have an attractive platform for partners," commented Oliver Coughlan, Technology Director, O2 Ireland "We chose Amdocs PRM for its unmatched functionality, including advanced partner self-care capabilities for greater partner satisfaction. Amdocs PRM will seamlessly integrate into our existing Amdocs billing platform, driving further operational efficiencies."

Amdocs PRM automates and centralises partner-billing processes. It simplifies auditing procedures, eliminates error risk, and significantly reduces handling time and costs associated with manual processing. Pre-configured for quick deployment, Amdocs PRM will enable O2 Ireland to accelerate the introduction of new content partnerships and business models, and achieve a rapid return on investment and incremental profitability. 

"Partnering to deliver value-added content services is proving to be an effective way for service providers to grow revenue and retain their best customers," said Michael Couture, vice president of marketing at Amdocs. "Amdocs is providing market leaders like O2 Ireland with solutions that enable them to strengthen their role in the emerging content value-chain, while growing stronger, more profitable customer relationships."