GSM Association announces alliance with TD-SCDMA Forum


3GSM and TD-SCDMA operators and vendors to benefit globally

The GSM Association and the TD-SCDMA Forum today signed an agreement to co-ordinate the development of the two 3G standards. Through closer co-operation, the two organisations will promote interoperability and international roaming between the two technologies and so maximise economies of scale for the benefit of end-users, operators and manufacturers.

The GSM Association is the global trade association representing more than 630 GSM and 3GSM mobile operators world-wide, while TD-SCDMA Forum was established in China to promote the development and commercialisation of TD-SCDMA.

Chosen by 98% of operators who have been allocated radio spectrum in the 2GHz band identified by the International Telecommunications Union for 3G, 3GSM exploits "paired" spectrum, with users speaking or transmitting data on one radio channel and hearing responses or receiving data on a second radio channel. By contrast, TD-SCDMA transmits and receives data in different time-slots on "unpaired" radio channels. 

Both 3GSM and TD-SCDMA can be deployed on GSM core networks and both technologies are now being standardised by 3GPP, a partnership of standards bodies representing China, Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe. "TD-SCDMA and 3GSM are compatible technologies, a factor recognised in the
decision to standardise TD-SCDMA through the 3GPP," said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSM Association and Member of the Board. "The synergies mean opportunities for TD-SCDMA to complement 3GSM not just within in China, but on a global basis."