Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sun Microsystems launch Java Verified program


Java applications can now be certified once and deployed everywhere

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Key Wireless Industry leaders Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson and Sun Microsystems today announced the launch of the "Java Verified" program to provide a unified process for the testing and certification of Java applications for mobile handsets. Applications can now be tested and certified only once for deployment over a wide range of delivery channels. The program will help the wireless industry satisfy growing demand for mobile data services by reducing development cost and speeding time-to-market.

With the rapid, widespread adoption of Java technology-based handsets around the world, operators, developers and handset manufacturers have all recognised a need to develop and define a unified testing criteria to drive market growth for Java data services. The Java Verified program evolved in just seven months following the announcement in June 2003 when these industry leaders made a commitment to cooperate on a unified testing initiative.

"The rapid progress made by the group clearly demonstrates how committed the industry is to meeting the challenges of today's fast-changing marketplace," said Alan Brenner, vice president, consumer and mobile systems group of Sun Microsystems. As the creator and innovator of Java technology, Sun has been chosen to manage and operate the newly launched program. 

Through the Java Verified program, wireless operators can now access a large pool of wireless Java applications that will help them increase customer value and brand equity by quickly launching attractive, high-quality Java applications such as games, movie guides and video news clips.

The Java Verified program will also allow wireless Java developers and content providers to monetize their applications more quickly and cost- effectively since meeting a single unified testing criteria will reduce the need for retesting by multiple distribution channels, each with its own proprietary testing criteria. In addition, they can leverage the Java Powered logo to expand the marketing mix of their products and provide customers with a unique quality assurance along with faster and more cost-effective access to innovative new services.

"As one of the leading Java content developers in Europe, we are very pleased to be able to leverage this program to 'write once, test once, run everywhere," said Jan Andresen, Managing Director of elkware. "We will save a tremendous amount of time by avoiding testing our applications multiple times and consumers will benefit from faster access to more innovative applications for their handsets." 

To join the program, wireless developers simply register at, where applications submitted for testing will be administered by selected test houses worldwide. Applications are tested for application launch, user interface, functionality, security, network and localisation capabilities.