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Vodafone installs new ad-tech digital store front in bid to boost mobile commerce


Partners Just Premium and Playrcart install checkout tills that can process a sale direct from an advert on your phone

Vodafone has installed new shopping technology that whisks mobile window shoppers from an advert to the check out tills. The investors of the technology say it turns each advert into a digital store.

The UK mobile operator has chosen ad-tech startup Playrcart to work with its partner JustPremium to make ordering SIM cards online a one step process. The plan is to cut the number of stages from seeing an advert to placing an order. By simplifying and streamlining the process of buying goods on your mobile, the operator aims to grab a bigger piece of mobile commerce. 

Ad-tech start up Playrcart claims it can instantly convert a digital advert into a transactional storefront.

Its partner JustPremium is to build the relevant web sites out of ‘rich media creatives’, according to Vodafone. It will integrate Playrcart's technology early in the creative process so that Vodafone can install the technology for ordering of SIM cards directly into its advertising assets.

Exit through the SIM shop 

The plan is to maximise the return on investment on digital advertising placement for Vodafone’s assets. This would be achieved by removing the traditional click-through purchase journey entirely and converting first impressions into more attention, more interactions and more successful checkouts, without ever leaving the advert, according to Vodafone. 

With the pandemic closing retail stores across the globe Vodafone is seeking to sell more via its phones by creating quick purchases, with an interactive and seamless transactional advertising experience. This technology allows mobile operators to sell products and services directly via an advert, said Rob Garber, UK MD at JustPremium, “The shift from physical retail outlets to e-commerce has expedited over the past 18 months.”

London-based adtech company Playrcart has recently activated similar partnerships with Warner Bros, Walgreen Boots Alliance for Liz Earle skincare products and AB InBev for Corona Beer. 

“Playrcart’s adtech would contribute considerably to the disruption of the traditional advertisement landscape,'' said its CEO Glen Dormieux.