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New NTT platform to help enterprises launch their own private LTE/5G networks


NTT invents Networks-as-a-self-service (NaaSS).

NTT has created a platform that simplifies the creation and launch of private LTE/5G networks so that enterprises can build their own.

Global service provider NTT unveiled its eponymously named Private 5G platform which promises to empower CIOs and network managers to build their owned exclusively controlled LTE/5G networks. It is drawing on expertise of other members of its parent NTT group, which runs Open RAN based 5G networks in Japan.

Demand exceeds demand among enterprises which are seeking to control their next generation of their networks. A recent report from RAN Research predicted that demand for private 5G would massively overshadow the appeal of public networks. At their peak private 5G networks will generate $19.3 billion, says the report.

Self-service 5G networks

NTT’s proposition offers enterprises a DIY private network as a self service. The platform simplifies their provision by creating complete end-to-end stack of features that are designed to ‘go beyond the network’. NTT’s three main design principles for the system were integrated security and privacy, performance and economy.

NTT says it aim to provide an unambiguous and obvious return on investment for CIO and digital officers who want to solve enterprise business problems quickly.

The platform has cloud-native foundations and can be delivered online, on the premises or at the edge. It will be pre-integrated with network operators and software partners, promising enterprises the option to secure, scale and segment their network at will. The key component to delivering mission critical apps over private 5G will be Celona’s microslicing technology.

Demand for global private networks 

NTT’s strategy is to accelerate private 5G for enterprises in all industries that are facing huge demands on data handling, with special focus on the automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors. The new networks can solve the problem of unprecedented demand for the alignment of data, connectivity, security and communications, according to Shahid Ahmed, NTT's EVP of new ventures and innovation.

“Global enterprises are looking for a single private 5G solution across multiple countries,” said Ahmed. “They need one point of accountability, one management platform and one solution partner. That eliminates all the major friction points across the entire global footprint of the enterprise. Now CIOs have a clear roadmap for driving 5G."