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Türk Telekom, Nokia to deploy commercial private '5G-ready' network in Turkey


Nokia and Türk Telekom will implement the first commercial private 4.9G/LTE network in Turkey for manufacturer Arçelik.

Arçelik Global, maker of consumer durables and electronics, has signed a strategic agreement with Nokia and Türk Telekom to deploy the first private wireless network in Turkey.
The industrial-grade 5G-ready private wireless network will be deployed at Arçelik’s Çayırova-based washing-machine factory and will provide the platform for Arcelik to accelerate its digital transformation and implementation of Industry 4.0 use cases.

New tech

Utku Barış Pazar, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Arçelik, said: “At Arçelik, we are committed to integrating new technologies into our business model and this deployment positions Arçelik at the forefront of manufacturing digitalization.”
An initial application will see the network deliver pervasive, reliable low-latency coverage throughout the facility to enhance automated guided vehicle (AGV) performance.

With AGVs used throughout the manufacturing process for component logistics, improved connectivity will enhance AGV speed, control and operational efficiency. Nokia and Arcelik plan further collaboration in order to develop and implement additional use cases in the mid-term.
The network will support accurate indoor positioning for tracking assets in real-time asset and enable new video analytics-based applications for site safety and security.

Use cases – benefits

Potential use cases include augmented and virtual reality, digital twins, inventory control, safety and facility management, quality control, high-resolution video for remote inspection, and facility-wide voice and video communication.
Utku Barış Pazar added: “We have identified more than 30 further use cases where this future-proofed 5G-ready private wireless network can help drive productivity, boost efficiency and enhance safety. We look forward to partnering with Nokia and Türk Telekom to establish private wireless as an integral part of our Digital Manufacturing Systems strategy.”

According to Nokia Bell Labs Consulting research, 5G-enabled Industry 4.0 use cases such as collaborative robots can increase manufacturing productivity by up to 25%; video sensors can cut equipment breakdowns by up to 30%; and AGVs can increase transportation capacity by as much as 30%.

Team effort

Under the agreement, Nokia will also provide solution design, deployment and on-going managed services, and deliver the private wireless infrastructure based on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) platform.

Turk Telekom will provide 4.9G/LTE spectrum and also will be responsible for project end-to-end management and governance model.

Raghav Sahgal, President, Nokia Cloud and Network Services, said: “Arçelik has a highly progressive approach to introducing latest innovations into its manufacturing practices and workflows. Deployment of the first private 5G-ready network in Turkey for Arçelik is a major step forward in both its approach to manufacturing digitalization, and as an inspiring example of innovation in the region.”