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TIP tops interest in 5G private networks with new project


The new group’s aim is to make the networks accessible for a broad range of use cases and customers.

TIP’s new 5G Private Network Solution Project Group aims to transform the deployment of these networks from being bespoke special projects to a standardised product with “an appropriate cost structure”. That is, make them faster and cheaper to implement.

It describes 5G private networks as "one of the most attractive commercial opportunities for 5G".

New kind of project

TIP says this is a new type of project group that aims to combine different open, disaggregated, interoperable network elements into end-to-end solutions addressing specific connectivity use cases.

These projects leverage TIP-incubated technologies across all network layers, and in this way contribute to maximize their impact on business innovation and network economics.

To these ends, the group will develop requirements for the automated lifecycle management of an on-premises and edge cloud-native 5G private network solution based on a continuous integration, continuous delivery and deployment CI/CD toolset and open, disaggregated hardware components.

In particular, the new Solution Group will leverage previous work contributed to TIP’s OpenRAN Project Group, on a first version of a CI/CD platform that applies traditional IT methodologies to automate integration, testing and deployment of OpenRAN software.

Made in Spain

Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP Technology Innovation & Ecosystem, Telefónica, and TIP Board Director said, “This new solution group will enable operators to address the exciting opportunities that 5G is creating in the enterprise segment, both through valuable features for our customers and more efficient network operations.

"The TIP community is the perfect environment for this innovation, as it will allow us to leverage multiple current project groups (Open Core Networks, OpenRAN) to deliver an end-to-end Minimum Viable Product that we will then test in Telefonica’s TIP Community Lab.”

The group is chaired by David Martin Lambás of Telefónica, and is the first of several promised by TIP last October.