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Openreach goes live with ADTRAN’s GPON solution


BT's wholesale unit has live subscribers on the ADTRAN SDX series fibre access and Mosaic Cloud network automation platforms.

Openreach is passing 42,000 homes and businesses every week, and reckons ADTRAN's gigabit passive optical networking (GPON) kit will speed up progress for the current and future generations of fibre technology.

Speed and scale

Openreach said integrating ADTRAN’s innovative SDX and Mosaic into its network was "the fastest ever introduction and launch of a new vendor for a project of this scale was experienced."
More than 660 retail service providers in the UK rely on Openreach's infrastructure to deliver their own portfolios of services to enterprise, small-to-medium businesses and residential customers.
Peter Bell, Director, Network Technology, Openreach said: “Our engineers have been building faster than ever during the pandemic, and we’re working closely with strategic partners like ADTRAN to help us innovate, extend and accelerate the build even further, without compromising on quality.

"Our partnership with ADTRAN gives us the ability to scale the build and deliver on our commitment to reaching 20 million homes with FTTP by the mid-to-late 2020s.”