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EOLO fixed wireless access provider rolls out to 130 locations


The Italian provider’s target is to offer nationwide coverage by the end of this year.

The fixed-wireless access (FWA) internet provider EOLO says it has reached more than 130 localities with its network, which offers connectivity at up to 100Mbps for homes and 1Gbps for business users.

The expansion has brought coverage to underserved areas in five regions: 15 municipalities in Lazio, 40 in Campania, 12 in Marche, 44 in Sicily and 23 in Piedmont.

In May 2020 EOLO said it was looking to invest €150 million to provide FWA coverage in 1,500 municipalities, mainly in the south of the country and Sardinia. The firm wants its infrastructure to have ‘nationwide’ coverage by the end of 2021.

EOLO uses equipment provided by Cambium Networks.