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Slovakia raises €100.12m from 5G spectrum auction


The country has completed its auction of 700MHz spectrum plus frequencies in the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands.

The sale raised a total of €100.23 million, with each of the three available 700MHz licences selling for €32 million or more.

Orange paid €33.63 million for 2 blocks of 10MHz in the 700MHz range, while O2 bid a total of €33.39 million for two bands of 10MHz at 700MHz, two in the 4.2MHz at 900MHz and two if 3MHz in the 1800MHz range.

Slovak Telekom spent €32.66 million for two 10MHz licences in the 700MHz band and two 3MHz bands of frequencies at 1800MHz.

Smaller operator

4ka (SWAN Mobile) did not participate in the bidding for 700MHz spectrum, saying it was too expensive for a smaller operator, and instead paid €550,000 for two blocks of 3MHz in the 1800MHz range.

The 700MHz concessions are valid until the end of 2040, while the lower band spectrum can be used until end of 2025.