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Colt launches multi-cloud access via SD-WAN platform


Enterprises now have a single connection to multiple cloud service providers, including cloud-to-cloud connections, over SD-WAN.

Colt said this improves security, agility and latency compared with connecting via the public internet. The SD-WAN has the intelligence to recognise applications and includes traffic steering for better performance.

The offer is enabled by Colt IQ Network, which covers 29,000 on-net premises and more than 900 data centres, serving more than 25,000 customers around the world.

Colt has public and private peering with cloud operators globally, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Move to cloud

New research from Colt found 96% of senior IT decision makers are confident about moving critical business capabilities to the cloud. It also found 86% of businesses are taking a multi-cloud approach.

“Enterprises are increasingly embracing hybrid and multi-cloud approaches, allowing them to deploy applications faster and run mission-critical applications on the infrastructure best suited to their business needs, as we’ve seen with the success of Google Cloud’s Anthos,” said Kevin O’Kane, Managing Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased that Colt will expand its capabilities to enable businesses greater connectivity across multiple cloud environments.”

Colt also announced dedicated and on-demand access to Oracle Cloud Infrastracture (OCI) in Amsterdam through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect which provides dedicated access to Oracle’s Cloud services.

Colt expanded its enterprise offering by connecting two dedicated Oracle PoPs in Amsterdam, at both Equinix and Interxion data centres, giving enterprise customers on-demand, high-speed, secure connectivity from their on-premise data centre sites to Oracle Cloud.

Enterprises can tap into Colt’s intelligent network, optimised for the cloud and supporting connectivity to and from 10 metropolitan area networks, and more than 6,400 connected enterprise buildings and 202 connected data centres in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

This follows recent announcements that Colt is expanding its partnership with Oracle by supporting agile, secure, high bandwidth enterprise connectivity to OCI via its Dedicated Cloud Access and On Demand portfolios  in London, Frankfurt and Tokyo.