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Deutsche Telekom and SK Telekom announce engineer exchange programme


Deutsche Telekom and SK Telekom are forming a joint venture to share expertise on addressing the coronavirus crisis.

The collaboration aims to accelerate the use of 5G, mobile edge computing (MEC) and artificial intelligence (AI) to tackle challenges caused by the pandemic.

The companies will also launch a network engineer exchange programme. SK Telecom’s network engineers will travel to Germany to share their 5G network knowledge and experience of handling data traffic surges caused by a huge increase in the number of people working or learning from home.

The two companies will develop MEC cases and AI-powered solutions including immersive video calling and meeting solutions. Further, Deutsche Telekom’s venture investment arm, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, will increase investment in Korean 5G start-ups and global ventures relating to 5G, communications and cloud.

Collective response

“The current global crisis can be effectively addressed if we, ICT companies, join forces with our technology and expertise,” said Park Jung-ho, President and CEO of SK Telecom. “SK Telecom will continue to work closely with Deutsche Telekom to flawlessly support our customers in this new normal era brought by the coronavirus.”

The telcos have worked together since 2016 and in March they announced that SK Telecom will provide 5G repeaters to support Deutsche Telekom’s customer trial for 5G indoor coverage in Germany.