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Sparkle added to Google’s Curie submarine cable to extend Pacific assets


The Italian international service provider is adding a fibre pair to the new cable connecting US and Chile directly.

The subsea cable, Curie, is owned by Google and the first new generation to link the US and Chile directly, connecting Los Angeles to Valparaiso.

Sparkle’s new fiber pair on Curie will be fully integrated with Sparkle’s global backbone, increasing redundancy and offering a fourth diversified route directly to connect South and North America, complementing its 2017 addition of the Seabras-1 cable in the Atlantic.

Through this two routes, Sparkle claims to offer the best performance in terms of latency and robustness through its pillar connectivity service, City2City, and its global Tier-1 IP transit service Seabone.

Sparkle’s expansion into the south Pacific American coast with easy onward connectivity to the rest of the world, make it the best-in-class choice for over the top plays, ISPs, enterprises, content and application providers, and Asian entities, the operator said.