FCC steps up action against Chinese telecom players in US


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) tells four companies to prove they have no link to the Chinese state, which the regulator lambasts over COVID-19.

The FCC issued so-called Show Cause Orders to China Telecom Americas, China Unicom Americas, Pacific Networks and ComNet which compels them to provide evidence, within 30 days, of why it should not start the process of prevent them from operating in the US.


Commissioner Carr issued a statement that read, “Last year, when we blocked China Mobile from entering the US market based on national security concerns, I said it was time for a top to bottom review of every telecom carrier with ties to the communist regime in China. 

“I am pleased with the progress we are making on that front, as evidenced by today’s Show Cause orders.”

He added, “Over the past few weeks, Americans have learned that they no longer need to page through dusty foreign policy magazines to understand the consequences that flow from communist China’s brutal crackdown on freedom and free speech. 

“The communist party’s silencing of critics and its disappearance of hero doctors and citizen journalists exacerbated the global spread of Covid-19. Americans are now experiencing the consequences of those oppressive actions in their own lives – whether in the loss of their jobs or their kids not being able to attend school due to Covid-19.


Pulling no punches, Carr concluded, “Since communist China is willing to disappear its own people to advance the regime’s geopolitical agenda, it is appropriate for the FCC to closely scrutinize telecom carriers with ties to that regime.  This is a prudent step to ensure the security of America’s telecom networks.”

The four now need to provide evidence that they are not subject to the exploitation, influence, and control of the Chinese government which the FCC will rule on.