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Nokia pilots private network to digitise Polish power grids


Nokia has deployed a “5G-ready” private wireless solution for Polish energy company PGE Systemy, following a one-year trial of a 450 MHz proof-of-concept (PoC) network.

Nokia says the move marks a critical first step in evaluating the use of the 450 MHz band to support energy distribution system operators (DSOs) across Poland.

PGE Systemy will use the infrastructure to further develop its concept of a country-wide critical communications network. The final private wireless network has the potential to support up to 20,000 private radio users over LTE/4.9G, as well as wireless connectivity for up to 14 million smart meters and 35,000 existing and future SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) connections.

Digitising the grid

Andrzej Piotrowski, Vice-President of PGE Systemy, said, “Poland has a strong concern to digitalise our energy grid because further integration of renewables with [the] grid as well as conversion to distributed energy systems requires ubiquitous, reliable and safe communications.

"Private wireless operating in the 450 MHz range is the communications technology of choice for the energy sector right across Europe, which ensures support from industry suppliers.”

“The Nokia proof of concept has demonstrated that it will meet our needs in terms of coverage, service quality, resilience and long-term availability,” he added.