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On-demand: Exploring current and future use cases for 5G


Initial 5G services and use cases that operators are experimenting with vary widely – but where's the return on investment?

Early trials range from fixed wireless access to reconfigurable factories, connected cars and other transport, remote health services, smart grid, campus networks that combine public and private infrastructure, and so much more.

In future, 5G will enable new capabilities such as network slicing, automation and virtualisation to match the diverse requirements of consumers and vertical sectors.

Yet monetisation has never been more critical for the operators, given that many are already heavily debt-laden yet need to invest more heavily than ever before in existing infrastructure as well as in 5G infrastructure and services, and some of the spectrum auctions have proved even more expensive than the industry feared.

Picking the ‘right’ use cases at the right time is all important.

Download the webinar and slides to hear Klaus Moschner, Executive Programme Manager, NGMN and Nick Sampson, Director of Wireless Access and Core Network Standardisation, Orange discussing how collaboration between operators is helping to shape 5G and these use cases:
• factories of the future
• media and entertainment
• eHealth and
• automotive – beyond autonomous vehicles – and transport.

This is was rare opportunity for attendees to put some probing questions and observations to those tasked with making 5G an operational success, now and in future.