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Italy’s Open Fiber selects Intracom Telecom for rural broadband FWA


Italian fibre network provider Open Fiber has appointed Intracom Telecom to supply fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions for its Rural Ultra-Broadband project.

The initiative aims to bring connectivity to  "digitally underserved" areas of the country. Open Fiber plans to deliver ultra-fast broadband services for approximately 20 million households in each of the 20 Italian regions.

In remote and rural areas or places where homes are far apart, FWA technology will be heavily used because it can be deployed quickly with minimum telecommunication infrastructure.

Algorithms, automation

Intracom Telecom will use its WiBAS26/28 GHz platform. It includes advanced algorithms to dynamically share available resources, maximising the number of customers who can be served concurrently.

It also incorporates automations to speed up the installation of equipment and service provisioning.

Mohamed Ahmed, CEO of Intracom Telecom, commented, "We are very excited to support Open Fiber's ambitious plan to provide to Italian citizens high-speed broadband connections as 25% of the population still resides in rural areas.

“Our goal is to enable operators to contribute further to the economic and social development of the country, the third-largest economy in EU, and with the usage of state-of-the-art technology to improve citizens' quality of life.”