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NetCologne launches gigabit network using existing copper


German fibre network operator NetCologne is working with ZTE to provide 1Gbps speeds in Cologne using G.fast technology.

Supported by ZTE’s G.fast solution, NetCologne can provide 1Gbps ultra-broadband access in Cologne reusing the existing copper resources, meaning that no fibre construction work is required.

“This month, we started to offer ultra-high-speed data flat rate of 1Gbps in our commercial network to more than 250,000 residential customers,” added Timo von Lepel, Managing Director of NetCologne.

“In doing so, we continue to expand Cologne’s leading position as Germany's most digital city.”

Technical milestone

NetCologne’s is the first commercial network in the world based on ZTE’s G.fast at 212Mhz.

“Providing the world’s first network on G.fast @ 212Mhz solution is a giant technical milestone,” said Sun Jie, Managing Director of ZTE Deutschland.

NetCologne and ZTE signed a strategic partnership agreement in February 2017. According to the agreement, ZTE will provide NetCologne with network equipment including G.fast distribution point units (DPUs) and terminals.

In May 2017,  the partners showcased an access rate more than 1.8Gbps using G.fast at 212MHz, as well as a download rate of over 1.6 Gbps and an upload rate of around 0.2 Gbps).

In April 2019, ZTE provided NetCologne with the G.fast @ 212Hz profile DPUs. ZTE claims the device supports the highest secure-level ETSI SR2-compliant reverse power feeding (RPF) in the industry, compared to its 8L/16L counterparts.