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Síminn undertakes network modernisation for 5G and massive IoT


Icelandic service provider is ramping up its move towards 5G with a core network and radio access modernisation programme, working with Ericsson.

Síminn (Iceland Telecom) will trial Ericsson's 5G New Radio and Spectrum Sharing with the intention of introducing new IoT servcices on its 4G network, including Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) and Category M1 (Cat-M1).

NB-IoT enables low data rate applications in extremely challenging radio conditions, for example, connecting utility meters and sensors.

Cat M1 is a technology that functions on a 1.4 MHz (reduced from 20 MHz) spectrum, has a transmit power of 20Bm and provides average upload speeds of between 200kpbs and 400kpbs. This technology can extend battery life by up to ten years.

The agreement aims to accelerate the growth of Iceland’s IoT ecosystem across diverse use cases, the partners say.


Orri Hauksson, CEO, Síminn, said, “We will continue to provide our customers with access to world-class network infrastructure and the services needed to be competitive, now, and in the future. Our customers are used to Síminn enabling their lives through our networks since 1906, and we take that responsibility seriously. We are anxious to make the jump towards 5G with Ericsson's technology like we have for over a hundred years."

Jenny Lindqvist, Head of Ericsson, Northern and Central Europe, added, “This agreement extends our strong, long-term partnership with Síminn and supports them in their journey towards 5G. It also shows that Síminn is a frontrunner in giving their customers access to the latest cutting-edge technology and services in the advanced Icelandic market.”