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Telefónica launches IoT cybersecurity unit, expands collaboration with Subex


Telefónica has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity Unit, combining the operator’s capabilities in both fields.

The unit will develop additional IoT products and services as well as new IoT security solutions to tackle existing and emerging threats.

The new unit will leverage Telefonica’s existing network infrastructure and the Kite IoT connectivity platform.

As part of the initiative, Telefónica, via its ElevenPaths cybersecurity unit, has expanded its collaboration with Subex, which specialises in analytics solutions for the telecommunications sector.

Telefónica already offers a Fraud Management as-a-service solution (FMaaS) with Subex – the collaboration will now be extended to analysis of the data traffic generated by IoT devices and detection of specific threats in this area.

Differentiating with security

Telefónica says offering cybersecurity solutions which analyse networks and the traffic running through them is a differentiating factor since many IoT devices have limited capabilities which prevent them from being adequately protected by software.

Subex's IoT-specific platform is capable of analysing traffic by applying machine-learning algorithms, generating an alert every time it detects a threat that jeopardises cybersecurity of the IoT device.

Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths and VP of Global Security at Telefónica, said, “Cybersecurity has become one of the companies’ priorities.

"We are seeing the emergence of a culture around security that is sensitive to processes, strategies and methods designed to minimise risks while increasing value. This collaboration with Subex represents a step forward in our strategy of helping companies protect their investments, assets and credibility.”