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More accurate timing to help BT improve use of spectrum


BT is using ADVA’s Oscilloquartz synchronisation technology to bring 4G coverage to previously underserved areas and begin the rollout of 5G services across the UK.

Prior to this deployment, BT’s timing network was based purely on frequency synchronisation.

The technology provides sub-micro-second accuracy and aims to enable BT to improve the use of its spectrum through the provision of stable and accurate phase and time-of-day information.

Robust and accurate

Neil McCrae, Chief Architect, BT Group, said, “Adding robust, highly accurate phase and time synchronisation unleashes the full potential of our network.

"Not only does it empower us to deliver the services our customers demand today but it’s also the key to our 5G aspirations.”

BT’s synchronisation platform is deployed nationwide in 10 core time base sites, 106 metro time sites and close to 1,000 Tier 1 sites at the network edge.

“Phase synchronisation has been a long-term development in international standards, and ADVA has actively contributed to that process,” commented Mike Gilson, standards contributor and technical specialist, timing and synchronisation, BT Group.

He added, “By incorporating these capabilities in a flexible, high-performance solution, ADVA has created a synchronisation network ready for the demands of 5G connectivity.”