Combining field-testing and crowdsourcing for fuller insight into network performance


Rohde & Schwarz’s drive test solutions will be enhanced by crowdsourced network performance data and tools from Tutela.

Tutela’s network collects over 30 billion mobile quality measurements every day, from more than 250 million devices around the world, more than any other crowdsourcing test company.

Tutela’s methodology and configuration simulate typical mobile user behaviour, like accessing websites or downloading and sending images, rather than testing for maximum potential speeds under optimal test conditions.

Aping humans

With this more comprehensive view of their networks’ performance, operators can benchmark their networks against those of competitors, and prioritise their network investments.

Metrics to measure customers’ experience include signal strength and quality, device usage and download speed patterns.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Tutela and Rohde & Schwarz has been signed, providing Rohde & Schwarz with access to Tutela’s crowdsourced data and Tutela with access to Rohde & Schwarz NQDI database structure.

As a consequence, Rohde & Schwarz customers will be able to supplement their field-based methods of network testing with Tutela’s global crowdsourced data.

Complementary data

Rohde & Schwarz will also be able to use Tutela’s data within its own test and measurement solutions.

Hunter Macdonald, CEO at Tutela, said: “Our crowdsourced data will complement the data collected through Rohde & Schwarz’s powerful field-testing equipment and services to give customers the best of both worlds: 24x7 monitoring and benchmarking via crowdsourcing combined with the unparalleled depth and precision of field testing.”