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Swisscom deploys Ericsson analytics to gain customer insight


Swisscom is seeking to monitor and optimise its LTE network after deploying new analytics software from Ericsson.

The Swedish vendor's Expert Analytics solution will be used to track how Swisscom's 5.3 million customers use video and other OTT applications. The solution will be wrapped into its existing big data ecosystem.

Daniel Staub, Head of Joint Mobile Group, Swisscom, said: “Delivering a superior experience to our customers is at the very center of Swisscom’s strategy, and Ericsson Expert Analytics will help us to pursue this vision even further by providing us with end-to-end visibility of our services across our 4G mobile broadband network.

"With this solution we will now be able to monitor and proactively optimise our service level performance, as well as take action on any issues we see."

Arun Bansal, President and Head of Ericsson Europe and Latin America, said: “Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Not only will Ericsson Expert Analytics enhance the customer experience and improve network quality for Swisscom, it also paves the way for smoother entry to 5G, IoT and cloud services with the solution’s advanced capabilities.

"We will continue to provide Swisscom with the most advanced network technologies and support as they move rapidly toward commercial availability of the next generation of connectivity.”

Swisscom has been working extensively with Ericsson in readying its forthcoming 5G network.

In September it launched a wireless transport network upgrade with the Swedish vendor several days after it held Switzerland's first 5G NR data call.